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Replacing a missing tooth.

Daniel is one example of how a loss of even one tooth can impair quality of life. Daniel works in the IT industry. He lost a front tooth some years ago due to a trauma accident. He received an upper denture to replace the missing tooth, which he was forced to wear when meeting with clients or friends. “I was always conscious about smiling.”

Daniel had the habit of carrying his dentures with him wherever he went. The lack of a tooth affected how he could chew foods, only taking small bites. Hot drinks were an impossibility for him, because they often caused painful blisters.

He eventually found a Noble Biocare partner who gave him a NobelReplace implant, so a new tooth could fill the gap at the front of his jaw. Now, after treatment, Daniel is able to bite, chew and smile with confidence. He no longer has to remember to carry his dentures around with him, either.

“Before, I even felt embarrassed in front of my own family,” says Daniel, “now I don’t worry about smiling!”


Back to smile.

Nancy suffered from gum disease in her thirties and it affected her jaw bone and many of her teeth. She remembers, “I would cover my mouth with my hand when I was laughing or smiling. It made me less willing to meet new people.” She called in for a consultation with her local dental restorative specialist. “I came out confident that there was a solution,” Nancy says. Her six dental implants were placed all on the same day. She says “The whole process was much easier than I anticipated.” Delighted with her renewed smile, Nancy is much more confident and now enjoys meeting new people. They say to her, “Haven’t you got nice teeth!”

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  • Veneers
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  • Child Dentistry
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